WineTime WineClub

Two Unique Wines Each Month

Each month WineClub features two hand-selected wines based on a theme-like region. Included is a packet featuring information about the winery, grapes, style, tasting notes & two recipes that pair well w/ the monthly selections included.

WineTime WineClub makes a great gift!!!

$36 Per Month

The monthly cost of WineTime WineClub is $36 plus tax. You will receive an email on the first of every month letting you know the selections are in, & you can pick up your wines at your convenience @ WineTime. We can either charge your card monthly, or you can pre-pay for any number of months. If you are not completely satisfied w/ the WineTime WineClub, you may cancel your membership at any time.

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Joining WineTime WineClub couldn’t be easier. Call (260.459.9463), email ( or stop by.

WineTime WineClub
 Two unique selections each month, tasting notes, food pairings, winery information, & much more... 
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